Epygon valve is conceived to match the hemodynamic and anatomic features of the native mitral valve.

Our ambition is to design a mitral bioprosthesis with excellent clinical outcomes in patients with severe mitral regurgitation, specially when poor left ventricular function is present and mitral valve replacement is mandatory.

The key features of Epygon valve such as D-shape annular ring, monoleaflet, asymmetric stent and anatomic anchoring are granting a physiologic hemodynamics, optimal annulus fitting and low risk of LVOT obstruction.

Design features

D-shape annular ring

It minimizes the risk of perivalvular leak and LVOT obstruction (possible with round oversized trileaflet valves)

Design features


  • Physiologic diastolic asymmetric flow towards the posterior wall to get an optimal LV filling and low pressure gradients
  • Physiologic systolic flow acceleration of the blood into the aorta
  • High tolerance towards paravalvular leakages, intra-prosthetic regurgitation and possible leaflets’ blockage caused by stent deformation during the cardiac cycle (it is possible with inverted aortic prostheses)

Design features

Asymmetric stent

  • The stent is shorter in anterior portion minimizing the risk of LVOT obstruction and deformation of the aortic root
  • The bioprosthesis is manufactured by a self-expandable Nitinol stent and bovine pericardial monoleaflet (no or minimal use of polyester fabric to reduce risk of thrombosis and endocarditis)

Design features

Anatomic atraumatic anchoring system

  • The Epygon bioprosthesis is anchored to the native mitral valve structures with protected extension bodies
  • The valve is provided with a capturing system for the anterior leaflet preventing LVOT obstruction due to SAM

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